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 Post subject: Nifern Duels Onyxia - And Wins!
PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 7:21 pm 
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Remember that purple dragon that it used to take forty of us to roll over and even then it didn't always go so well. Nifern stepped in there on her own, and after 51 minutes she pulled out a win. Here is what she posted on Wanderaid and don't forget to check out the video clip.

niffies wrote:
Took me 6 tries and the kill was 51 minutes long. The first, fourth and fifth attempts I died at the start of P2 (on #5 Gru was also sending me tells about staring at me :twisted: ). The second and third attempts I died when Ony aggroed the Warder patrol in P2. On the kill I got Onyxia through P1 and P2 much faster than I had been able to before, which is why I was able to make it to P3 without a Warder aggroing.

Here's the gear and spec I used plus a scroll of stam and some GNERDS (unfortunately, warcrafter hasn't updated for spellpower changes yet). I used the Insect Swarm and the Healing Touch glyphs. I initially ran over 200 resil to be closer to crit immunity but I decided that wasn't necessary. I ended up keeping on 4 PvP pieces for stam and the mana-restore meta but I think I could have done it in my regular raiding gear. Here's a video clip I put together of what the different phases were like.

I had fun trying it out and improving at it. I originally thought that maybe I could get it done in about 20 tries and I'd end up having to drag someone along to kill the Warder respawns, so I was really excited to do it by myself. Thanks to Erin, Mox and Nye for sending me scrolls. :D It turns out you can only use one scroll at a time so if anyone wants some let me know, otherwise I'll try to stick them in the Free Candy tab this week sometime.

A couple of pics:
Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image

And some recount spam if anyone is interested:
Recount - Nifern's Hostile Attacks
1. Insect Swarm (DoT) 850 384356 (26%)
2. Moonfire (DoT) 758 290550 (20%)
3. Thorns 1239 222826 (15%)
4. Starfire 91 198416 (14%)
5. Hurricane 302 145955 (10%)
6. Moonfire 196 119427 (8%)
7. Wrath 62 69974 (5%)
8. Melee 445 25826 (2%)

Recount - Nifern Damaged Who
1. Onyxia 1099442 (75%)
2. Onyxian Whelp 357888 (25%)

Recount - Nifern Took Damage From: Onyxia
1. Melee 616525 (41%)
2. Cleave 290273 (19%)
3. Fireball 273662 (18%)
4. Flame Breath 223632 (15%)
5. Knock Away 76668 (5%)
6. Breath 29683 (2%)
7. Wing Buffet 1045 (0%)

Recount - Nifern's Effective Healing
1. Lifebloom 2266 1081540 (66%)
2. Rejuvenation 458 410291 (25%)
3. Regrowth 135 92099 (6%)
4. Healing Touch 13 32899 (2%)
5. Drums of Restoration 108 12933 (1%)
6. Mad Alchemist's Potion 1 2455 (0%)

Recount - Nifern's Mana Gained
1. Drums of Restoration 13715 (48%)
2. Mana Restore 12300 (43%)
3. Mad Alchemist's Potion 2722 (9%)


 Post subject: Re: Nifern Duels Onyxia - And Wins!
PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:09 pm 
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pretty cool, and I feel so small now,

nice work


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